Editorial - A Matter of Opinion

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Autumn Leaves

As the song goes - 'The autumn leaves pass by my window, those autumn leaves of red and gold...........

There are only a few more days left when we can comfortably undertake modelling tasks outside, so very shortly, jobs such as spray painting, ballasting, and joinery will have to be put on hold until the spring.

For myself, its time to catch up with modelling some O Gauge stock and possibly a couple of locos for Woodside. The kits have been sitting around for some time, but the pace of modelling has been slow of late and I've been concentrating on details on the layout itself. Jobs in the queue include a Connoiseur G5, an Ian Kirk push-pull coach, a little Sentinel shunter, and a few wagons. The rationale is to build stock during the winter, and paint it in the spring. There is also a bonus with regard to time, for there will be little work to do in the garden, and we don't go on holiday much in the winter. The fire will be on in the pub, and who knows what Santa will bring?

We are not exhibiting during November, December, or January, so no layouts to get ready, repairs to undertake or stock to maintain. All in all, autumn and winter is a time of modelling opportunity - bring it on.