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A Collector's Hobby

There are people in all walks of life, whose hobby is to make a collection of items which interest them.

Antiques, ceramics, jewlery, watches, books, works of art, are all desirable collectables for the enthusiast. The limitations of these collections are governed by the two principal constraints of funding and display space.

This model railway hobby of ours has within it some rather interesting species of collector. There are those who must collect every variant of commercially produced locomotive in their chosen scale. Others who seek to have the widest variety of rolling stock. Some of these items are placed in 'true collections' where they are neither exhibited nor used, but simply occupy a display case in someone's shed. The hardest to understand is the collector who simply 'ferrets away' their purchases, in their original boxes of course, whereafter they rarely if ever see the light of day.

At a couple of exhibitions recently, I have some across a new type of collector. These enthusiasts carry a notebook, and make a note of the runing numbers of every locomotive they see on the layouts. This is not as strange as it may seem, for they are enjoying the thrill of the trainspotter. Trainspotting was (and probably still is for some) an enjoyable collecting hobby, where a record of the locomotives one had seen was the collection to be treasured. I still have my 1960 Ian Allen combined volume with the locomotive numbers underlined in red ink!

Happy collecting - whatever it may be.

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